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Our Vision

Justice denotes placing things in their rightful place. A society of injustice is a danger to the whole mankind as injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. District Judiciary Shangla as a team is trying its best to provide Speedy and inexpensive Justice for all along with values of Fairness, Accessibility, Independence, Integrity and Impartiality and Responsiveness to the people without any discrimination of Gender, Religion, Race, Caste, Creed, Rich or Poor. Our goal is to establish a society in our domain by providing justice without any delay and fear. This website is an effort to provide latest information regarding the cases of the people and other legal assistance at the door-step of the people of District Shangla to ensure the real enforcement of “Justice at door-step”. May ALLAH guide us all to maintain the best of Justice.

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About Us

The District Judiciary is structured like a pyramid with the Sessions Court at the apex and the court of Civil Judge at the base. Observing good faith and selfless justice towards all is the motto of Hon’ble the Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar and the same has been reciprocated in letter & spirit in the vision of the Sessions Judge. The bulging population coupled with the billowing surge of litigation has enhanced the miseries of the down-trodden class to the extent of suffocation and only a timely mathematical and methodical strategy, being inevitable, can set such state of affairs at naught but condition precedent is dedication and sincerity. Lack of resources followed by budgetary constraints is an insurmountable impediment towards the achievement of goals, but even then, the District Judiciary Shangla in the leadership of District & Sessions Judge has accepted this daunting challenge and is marching to the tone of its toes and heels towards the efficient performance and best service delivery in order to make Shangla a utopian city.

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Shangla at a Grance

Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars, district Shangla has a unique geographical entity in the region. It witnesses the sizzling hot as well as the shivering cold weather round the year. Shangla top assumes the status of a picnic spot especially in the snow fall and can be equated to Murree and Galyat. Located at the brink of Abaseen river. The history of District Shangla is not very old. It was the part of “Waali-e-Swat” dynasty since 1926, which got merged as a district of NWFP (currently Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) in 1969. On July 10th, 1995, Shangla was upgraded to separate district by the then Chief Minister. Shangla-Top separates this district from Swat. District Shangla is located in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa with the 34.92o (Latitude) and 72.63o (Longitude). It is surrounded by Battagram, Kala Dhaka (Black Mountain of Hazara), Swat, Kohistan and Buner districts with the total area of 1586 KM2. The average elevation of the district is 2000 to 3500 meters above sea level. The total population of District Shangla reported in the Census-2023 is 0.891 Million. Shangla district consists of small valleys situated between the hillocks and surrounded by high mountains comprising of Tehsil Alpurai (Headquarter of District), Puran, Besham and Chakesar.


Administration is determined action taken in pursuit of conscious purpose. It amalgamates labor and material in order to gain that which is desired at the lowest expense. Sound administrative system has vital significance in running the affairs of an organization, being its integral part and District Judiciary Shangla is no exception. Out District Judiciary has exemplary administrative setup where every official has been assigned the task as per his caliber and administrative acumen who on turn, utilizes his potential to the best of his ability. Every official of the hierarchy acts like a cementing agent, augmenting the output.


Office of the District & Sessions Judge, Shangla

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Office of the Senior Civil Judge, Shangla

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Office of the Civil Judge, Chakesar

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Fax No: 0996-855010

Office of the Civil Judge, Puran

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